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We at Freestyle Homes pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know each and every tenant individually - to their needs and wishes. We're ready to provide you with quality properties owned by landlords and we a friendly yet professional letting experience to you and family. We insist all our landlords to be professional in their and all properties are in pristine condition.
From the first walk-through to the signing of papers, we will be with you every of the way taking the stress out of . Our experienced agents are ready to help you achieve goal of you can call own!
Take the next in achieving dream home by either calling our team on the below for an informal chat about needs, or e-mail details on below.
 All tenancy agreements will be to previous landlord and references and thorough

                             Accommodation and Prices:  


 2 Bedroom House, 58 Berryhill Road, Cumbernauld

    2 Bedroom House, 55 Craigneuk Avenue, Airdrie

 4 Bedroom House, 1 Wallbrae Road, Cumbernauld

       2 Bedroom House, 73 Gartlea Road, Airdrie

     4 Bedroom House, 66 Pine Place, Cumbernauld

  3 Bedroom House, 35b Clouden Road, Cumbernauld 

           3 Bedroom House, 7 Uist Place, Airdrie

    2 Bedroom House, 25 Maymount Street, Belfast

 4 Bedroom House, 58 Craigieburn Road, Cumbernauld

     2 Bedroom House, 46 Pine Place, Cumbernauld

      3 Bedroom House, 40 Ash Road, Cumbernauld 

 2 Bedroom House, 50 North Calder Drive, Airdrie


   4 Bedroom House, 43 Mitchell Street, Coatbridge

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